WALTER HUNT 1861-1941

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Calves and Farmyard Fowl

Oil on canvas, signed

20 x 30 in


Calves and Farmyard Fowl by

Divided Affection

Oil on canvas, signed and dated 1896

42 x 30 in.


Provenance: Richard Green Fine Paintings  , Bond Street, London


Divided Affection by

Walter Hunt was born into a  Warwickshire family of painters. His father, Charles, was a genre artist and his brother Edgar was well-known for his paintings of animals. So, too, was Walter Hunt an animal painter, well known for his paintings of farmyard scenes, Hunt was also a highly accomplished genre painter..  He began painting when he was thirteen years old.Hunt lived in the Wandsworth district of South West London. He exhibited his works at the Royal Academy beginning in 1881 when he was twenty years old (though some biographers put it at 1885), a total of twenty eight paintings in all. Titles at the Academy include: ‘The Orphan’, 1887, ‘Motherless’, 1897 and ‘Contentment ‘ in 1904. His Royal Academy entry in1885,  ‘Dog in a Manger’ was bought by the Chancery bequest for the Tate Gallery, London


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