PAUL SIGNAC 1863 - 1935

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The son of a master harness-maker, Paul Signac began painting under the influence of Monet and       Guillaumin in 1880, and then studied at the Free Academy of Bing. In 1884 he was the co-founder of the Society of Independent Artists.  He was friends with Georges Seurat and was considerably influenced  by his pointillist style.  This is particularly evident in many of his landscapes and figural paintings.  In 1886 he exhibited at the eighth Impressionist exhibition in New York, and later exhibited with Seurat and Pissarro in Nantes. He organised many exhibitions, wrote articles of art criticism and drew for Charpentier’s journal, “La Vie moderne”. After exhibiting with Les Vingt in Brussels, he later became the first foreign artist to join the group He was an enthusiastic sailor all his life and painted many views of harbours and seascapes in his characteristic style of square daubs of paint in pure, bright colours In 1899 he published a book on the theory of Neo-Impressionism and in 1908, became the president of the Society of Independent Artists. Paul Signac died in Paris in 1935.


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