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Les Terres Neuve

Watercolour, signed

9½ x 13½ in.

Les Terres Neuve by

Frank Will was the pseudonym of the artist Frank William Boggs, who was the son and pupil of the well- known American impressionist artist Frank Myer Boggs. Frank Will trained under his father prior to training as an architect, but later gave up his studies to become a full time artist. He was well known amongst the colony of artists at Montmartre and was particularly associated with the artists Gen-Paul and Leprin. In 1922 he made his first visit to the Normandy coast with his fellow artist Leprin. He also visited Moret- sur- Loing, Auxerre and Avalon.In 1943 he exhibited at La Cignole {The Jalopy} at the event in Montmartre created by Gen Paul. 

The Terres Neuves were the fishing vessels mainly based in Nomandy and especially in Honfleur and Trouville, that fished on the Grand Banks for cod and other fish that were salted and brought back to port.

The present scene depicts the fleet, dressed overall and ready for departure.


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