ALFRED DE BREANSKI Senior 1852 - 1928

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A Highland Stream

Oil on canvas

24 x 36 in.


A Highland Stream by

Alfred de Breanski Sr. was a British landscape painter, best known for his idyllic yet realistic depictions of rural Wales and Scotland. Through his close attention paid to the manifold textures, light, and coloristic qualities of each particular landscape, it is evident that de Breanski was deeply influenced by the work of John Constable. He also drew much inspiration from the dramatic nature of the Scottish countryside, such as the Highlands, which are noted for their desolate beauty and spectacular scenery. Born in 1852 in Greenwich, England, he went on to exhibit his works at the Royal Academy in London from 1872 until 1918. Today, his works are in the collections of the Southampton City Art Gallery, the Laing Art Gallery, and the Brighton & Hove Museums. De Breanski died in 1928 in London.


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