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Newark Castle, Selkirk

Watercolour, signed & inscribed ‘Newark Castle, On the Clyde’ (sic)

8 x 12 in.


Possibly based on a watercolour by JMW Turner


Newark Castle, Selkirk by

Shipping off Whitby

Watercolour, signed

3½ x 5½ in.




Shipping off Whitby by

One of Yorkshire’s finest watercolourists, George Weatherill was born at Staithes and spent his entire life in the Whitby area. He worked as a clerk in Chapman’s Bank and remained with the firm until 1860, when he left to become a full time artist. He was essentially a self- taught artist, although he had some instruction from Thomas Byrd and collaborated with the artist George Dodgson, who became a family friend. He also spent time studying the work of J.M.W.Turner, and this had a profound influence on his style. His early work is usually on a small scale, drawn with immaculate draughtsmanship and with a fine clarity of colour. His later work, from 1860 onwards, clearly exhibits his debt to Turner, the great master of light. Weatherill captured in his delicate watercolours the unique quality of Northern coastal light. His handling of moonlight, sunset and sunrise have yet to be equalled by any other northern artist and have earned him the nickname ‘The Turner of the North’.

Weatherill exhibited mainly on a local basis, since he was in the fortunate position of having a patron, although he did exhibit for a brief period at the Suffolk Street Galleries and at the Dudley Gallery.

Collections: An extremely fine collection of the artists work is in the Pannett Art Gallery, Whitby.

Bibliography: The Weatherills of Whitby Published by Whitby Art Gallery

                       Walker, Ian George Weatherill 1810 – 1890 ‘The Turner of the North’.,1982.


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