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Oil on canvas

18 x 22 in.



Concarneau by

Legout Gérard was born in Saint-Lo Normandy, France on the 24th October 1856 and died in Paris on the 14th August 1924. He began his career as a banker, but around 1890 he discovered Concarneau and moved there in 1903, and in the same year became a full time professional artist.

He was a member of ‘Le group de Concarneau’, a loosely joined network of like-minded friends and painters, most notably Henri Alphonse Barnoin (1882-1935). Together with Janssaud and Deyrolle they established a vision of old Brittany, its landscape, coastal scenes and customs that captured a way of life that would be destroyed by the conflict and social disruption of the First World War. Legout- Gérard  became official painter to the French Marine Ministry in 1900.


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